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"The cure for anything is saltwater: sweat, tears, or the sea." — Isak Dinesen

I'm Lisa Morford. Writer. Yogini. Spiritual nomad. Yoga aficionado by day, MFA student by night. Dreamer of dreams, reveler of life, and lover of all that is beautiful.


Not Another Chaturanga, by Lisa Morford | RecoveringYogi

My second piece published on Recovering Yogi today! #yoga #writing #lifestyle #wellness #health #life #amwriting #summer

the saltwater record | the cure for anything is saltwater: sweat, tears, and the sea. —Isak Dinesen

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I wake up this morning, an hour too early. The dawn lays like a whisper over the day, the grey of early morning hugs us with a gentle hush before the shout of sunshine.

I am still shrouded in the fog of nighttime. My body is heavy, my limbs are relaxed. I want to go back to sleep, want to drift back for one more hour of sweet darkness before getting up to start my day. I close my eyes, try to find the place in my consciousness where I can slip away, unnoticed by my self.

But it is in this moment that I am struck into awareness, into awake-ness, because it is in this quiet moment, when everyone else and the world is still asleep, that I can feel my reality. The simplicity of it. The sweetness of it. The comfort of his steady breath, the gentle sway of blanket as his chest rises and then falls. I want to go to sleep, but I don’t. I can’t, because I might miss it. In a rush of clarity, I suddenly understand the words that once sounded cliché and overplayed. Don’t wanna fall asleep ’cause I’d miss you baby. And I don’t want to miss it, this moment when the pleasure of this warmth, the bliss of this reality is too much for me to bear, too intense for me to sleep it all away. And so I lay, awake, my eyes closed, breathing in, breathing out. My lungs swell, my heart squeezes in my chest, salty-sweet tears well up in my eyes and I am here. I am here and I am awake and he is here and he is sleeping and it is so right.

One of these mornings I will sleep again. My reality will settle like a down duvet and I will rest in the comfort and the ease of it.

But today. Today I am awake so I can feel it.

Today I am a girl in love.

All The Most Essential Science Fiction And Fantasy Books In July


Some of these look great! I just want to read-read-read this summer!

LOVE this moment. Love Dexter. I really love the way the show had so much philosophical inquiry laced into it. So good. 




George R. R. Martin everyone.

My favourite thing about this gifset is that George R. R. Martin acknowledges both of these methods without insulting or dismissing the other. He is a fantastic writer and I know that some other fantastic writers swear by their methods and discount the others, which can be really disheartening as a young writer. Hearing him describe both of these methods without dismissing the other makes me very, very happy, as I am very much an architect and I always get so sad when every writer I look up to is like “NO PLANNING. PLANNING BAD. WRITERS DONT PLAN.”

So thank you, Mr. Martin.

I am by and large an architect but I am not opposed to my building gaining sentience and doing what it wants along the way, a la a gardener. So I feel this. I feel it so hard. Also:

"No one is purely an architect or a gardener in terms of writers, but many writers tend to one side or the other."


I’m definitely more of a gardener, too. Love this.

"It usually starts with a scene, or a sentence. A half-formed idea. Maybe you have an idea for a sentence. You repeat the sentence in your head until you know it by heart, then you want to write it down. Or you have half an idea for a scene—it’s in the distance, it’s a little foggy, but you can see it’s there. You aim for it. You start making your way down the road towards it. You either eventually arrive there, or, you get sidetracked and end up somewhere else entirely."

We Don’t Ride Reindeer Here: An Interview with Justin Taylor | The Common (via housingworksbookstore)

This is absolutely how it works for me so much of the time. I always have some sort of concrete scene that I am working towards, while the way there feels foggy. It’s been like this since I was a little girl. The scene in my head that is so vivid, so real, with characters that are like people, that make it impossible for me not to write down their story.

Reppin the Hottest MFA at work today. Also looking abnormally blonde. #ucrpalmdesert #mfa #gradschool #represent

Reppin the Hottest MFA at work today. Also looking abnormally blonde. #ucrpalmdesert #mfa #gradschool #represent